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Developments that last a lifetime.

Luxuria Developments has a leading reputation for building innovative developments in desirable locations. Providing leasing, merchandising and development services and advice to owners, investors and shareholders.

Luxuria Developments is operated under Luxuria Group, a multi-disciplinary company based in Calgary, Alberta. Luxuria Group owns and operates a diverse collection of businesses in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia ranging from Commercial Construction to Automotive.



We pride ourselves with our trusted team of experts on hand that handle all projects from conception to completion. The Luxuria Developments team is committed to ensuring your project is perfect for you.

Luxuria Group

Driven by Excellence

Our strengths lie in our customized approach through transparency and simplicity in deal structure, streamlined decision making, deep comprehension of the industries in which we operate, and efficient delivery.  Our goal is, and always will be, to deliver value – for our clients, for our investors, for our partners, for our tenants and most importantly, for the communities in which we operate. Our business is centered across the Western region of Canada, and we strive to do business like a local firm in each market, with the best interests of our communities at heart. Together we are building a legacy of excellence, one project at a time

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